Entertaining Other Men For a Living

September 7, 2017

Andrew checked the time on his computer. It was coming up to three o’ clock in the afternoon. Which meant that his neighbor would be arriving any minute from whatever job she did overnight. He’d tried to Google jobs which took you away from home from midnight until three in the afternoon but nothing had come up so far.

He heard the sound of her heels walking down the corridor and debated whether he should attempt an ‘accidental meeting’. He could pretend he was just going out for a run.

He looked down at his jeans and t-shirt – except he wasn’t dressed for it.

A key rattled in a lock, and then he heard a door open.

She was already in her apartment.

Andrew was a writer and two of his books were bestsellers. That was why he was able to afford to live in this swanky apartment and work from home. He wondered what his tall, dark haired, green eyed, long legged neighbor did that enabled her to live in this building. It must be something really lucrative.

Maybe she was a superspy. That would explain her hours.

A few days later, he had the answer to his question.

He was just coming home from a meeting when he bumped into her, waiting for the lift.

This was his shot, he wouldn’t waste it.

“Hello. You’re in 191. I’m in 194. My name’s Andrew.” He said holding his hand out to be shaken. She smiled at him and extended her hand to be shaken.

“Sarah.” She said.

“Pleased to meet you. Umm, don’t suppose you’d like to come to mine for a cuppa tea?” he asked heart beating wildly in his chest.

She lifted her hand as if to stop him – from talking? Moving? he wasn’t sure – and opened her mouth, “Let me stop you right there”, she said.

“Oh. Why?” he asked wanting to move closer so her hand was touching his chest.

“You should know before you start with trying to pull me that I work as an escort in London.”

“Oh! That explains it.”

“Explains what?”

“Your hours. Been trying to figure out what job could possibly call for those hours.”

Sarah smiled, “So you’ve been watching me. Thinking about me?”

“Constantly”, Andrew said.

Sarah laughed, “And you don’t care that I’m jet setting all over the place, entertaining other men for a living?”

Andrew shrugged, “I just want to have tea with you.”

Sarah squinted at him as if evaluating his seriousness, “Okay”, she said.